Plans Are Easy

I really need to be productive these next 6 days. Last night I had to fall back on a pre written post, and tonight I don't even have that, yet I'm so tired I can barley keep my eyes open. I have commitments that I need to follow through on during these days off, and I really need to do some planning for my book. 

NaNoWriMo starts during these days off, and while you only have to write 1667 words a day to stay on track, I know there are going to be work days coming up where I won't be able to write that while keeping up with the blog and the roleplaying games I like to play. I don't want to give anything up right now either, that's the most difficult part. There's really just not enough time in the day. I wish I didn't have to sleep, think of all the things I could get done. 

Other than the commitments I've made to writing things, be it the blog or the novel or whatever else, I don't have much that physically has to get done these days off. I have a small DIY project to do, some cleaning, and some laundry folding, but that's it. Hopefully this means I can focus more on some writing. 

I haven't been working out either. Tomorrow will be a week. I wanted to move to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, rather than every second day, as I was finding myself tiring too easily and getting sore so I thought the extra day on the weekend would help, but I worked too late on Monday to exercise and tonight I worked not quite as late but it just wasn't a good night, and I was insanely tired at the end of my shift. I'm going to sleep nice and late tomorrow, then every other day this week I'll be getting up to work on my projects. 

One thing I'm really looking forward to is the Apple event tomorrow. The new laptops will be announced, and I DESPERATELY need a new one. I literally can't even use iMovie or Garage Band or virtually any other editing program, which hinders my ability to do the video editing I want to do. Hopefully the new Macbook Pro's are amazing and not too insanely expensive.