I Fell Asleep

You fell asleep‽ 

Firstly, shoutout to the interrobang. I need to figure out how to program it onto my keyboard to use it more often, I had to copy paste the one above from wikipedia. I am always writing about questions that are exciting, I need an adequate way to punctuate those questions. 

In case you couldn't tell from that rambling, I'm a tad on the tired side. It's late, I had to wake up early, and my day was quite exhausting. It wasn't overly long or stressful or anything, but physically exhausting. So exhausting that when I got home I sat upstairs and watched TV for a solid hour before deciding to come down and do something, only to get cold, crawl under my bed covers, and fall asleep for several hours. I've only just woken up a little while ago, sleeping the whole afternoon away. It's not a total loss though, as I had thought I would be working much later so didn't have any plans, but still it's a bit sad to waste all that valuable time by sleeping. 

I do love my sleep though. I wish I could have taken a nap in the middle of the day. I was so tired when I got home because of all the mud I had to deal with today. I don't know if I mentioned it on the blog before, but this year we got snow on like the first of October. So it's been kind of looking like winter. Until the last few days. It's been consistently warm, and the snow is all starting to melt. It was freaking raining today. Like, pouring rain. That I had to work in. 

Something that really bothers me is trying to do things while I'm feeling dirty. If the thing I'm trying to do is connected to muck or grime in any way then it's not as bad, but anything else and it drives me crazy. I end up washing my hands about 20 times each time I cook because if I touch the broccoli when I'm cutting it, my hands feel like broccoli and i have to wash them before I can pick up a pot to boil them. I know, it's a bit crazy. It's not for germ related reasons, it's just because that's the way I am. 

So you can probably imagine what the inside of my work truck looks like. I have a little bottle of hand sanitizer in the door for when I take my gloves off. Working with and around oil is going to make you stinky and feel gross, even if you're doing everything perfectly and don't spill any at all. It sucks. This feeling is exacerbated when it's muddy. I drive in my sock feet, so getting any mud in the truck is super annoying. This means every time I get in I take off my big clunky steel toed boots, and even though it's necessary sometimes, I really REALLY hate getting into the truck in my coveralls. And I literally just realised now that I wanted to bring my coveralls and hoodie inside to wash, since they got incredibly muddy today, and I didn't. And it's 11pm. And I have to work tomorrow now in muddy, wet clothing. Lovely. 

Anyway, what made me so exhausted was having to chain up today. It's super muddy, the rubber tires get slicked up and I can't move very well, so we put chains on the truck. For those who don't know, they are basically shaped like two rope ladders hooked together in the middle. The "rungs" go across the tire and the "rails" go around the tire. There are two because each axel has four tires on it, two on each side. These chains are, as one might expect, made of metal. And they are chains, which is to say that they are rings of metal. Rings have holes. Holes that seemingly have mud magnets in them, because if they even think about looking at the ground they just get clogged up with heavy, sticky mud. So we've got these heavy chains, getting heavier with mud, that I have to sling over the tires, then crawl in between the tires, nearly under the truck to hook together so they stay on while I drive. 

All of this I did today while ankle deep in mud, because like the idiot I am I never put chains on until I need them. Which is a really shitty way to do it, since putting on chains on dry ground is A MILLION TIMES NICER! On the plus side, it's good exercise, which I'm not getting tonight on account of falling asleep this afternoon. It's ok though, I'm rationalizing it by saying that I want to switch to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule instead of every other day. Which I do want to do, it makes a bit more sense I think now that I'm getting into higher and higher weights having those two days on the weekend for extra recovery time. 

Somehow whenever I feel like I'm about to write a short post it turns out way longer than I've expected. Tell me below how your day was. Tiring, like mine? Easy, simple? I imagine for most people the weekend is something to look forward to, but for me it's just another day on shift. Thanks for reading.