Bojack Horseman

Ok so I have to go to bed in like 15 minutes, so I'm sorry for the incredibly short post today. I'll make it up with some good content in the future. I hope...

I have to go to work tomorrow. So, yay! Money that i can save toward my eventual escape from this life. But on the other hand, booo! Work. That's about it on the boo side. I've tormented you people time and time again with my stupid bi-polar feelings towards my job, so I'll save that. On the plus side, one of the things that kept me busy today was fixing the inverter in the truck, so now I can safely use the microwave without any fears of it burning the vehicle down and leaving me stranded. At least I would be warm. This means I'll get to eat my prepared lunch in the truck tomorrow. I had one today at home, because why not, I already had them made, and it turned out really well. The broccoli was a little lackluster but everything else was delicious. 

So I fixed the truck today with my dad, cleaned out the garage finally (I had a ton of garbage bags in there from the last time I did a deep clean on my room), and did some general busy work around the house. I also cooked up 3 pounds of hamburger into meatballs for supper, which turned out great, and I have tons left over for supper tomorrow night, and the night after, and probably even one more after that. I made way too much food tonight. 

The final thing that took up a lot of time today was Bojack Horseman. For those who don't know, it's an animated tv show on Netflix. It's one of their original series, so you know that means quality. They've really been knocking it out of the park lately with stuff like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Orange is the New Black, and even House of Cards was good for the first two seasons. Sorry, lovers of that show, I couldn't stay with it. They just picked up black mirror too, which I've heard so, so much about, I need to watch the first season though somewhere else since they only have 2 and 3 on Netflix. Well, it's off to the high seas then. Yo ho ho, matey. 

Seriously though, Bojack is one of my favourite shows right now. I would put it as my second favourite animated show, following only Rick and Morty, which deserves an entire post by itself. Bojack takes place in essentially our world, except about 50% of the people are animal people. Bojack Horseman is himself, as his name might imply, a horse. He was a famous TV star in the 90's, but now he's washed up and depressed and alcoholic. The show is really, really funny, but in my opinion a show can't just rely on that anymore. People want depth, they want characters they can care about. You really get that with Bojack. He's a hugely flawed (horse) person, and he makes mistakes. A lot. But you find yourself rooting for him. 

The show can get really, really dark and serious from time to time. I've literally cried watching it, and quite often it's made me take pause and just think about things in life. I especially relate to it right now because, like Bojack, I have some feelings of a loss of direction, a desire to return to the good ol' days, a desire to go back and change the things that I think I did wrong. His emotions are exacerbated for the sake of comedy and because animated television is a medium that lends itself to the grandeur, but I can really relate to a lot of his thoughts and feelings on a more subtle and toned down level. It's funny, but it's not a happy show, and I like that about it. The plots don't always get tied up into a neat little bow, because life doesn't always, if ever, get tied up neatly. The problems and predicaments in life never end, and I think the cartoon in its limited, finite time slot does a great job of expressing that sentiment. 

So if you haven't heard of the show before, give it a shot. A lot of the humour is absurdist and over the top, which I love. The idea of having it be the exact same as our world save for having animal-people is brilliant and sets up some really funny and often subtle jokes, in the foreground and the background. If you have netflix check it out. You'll know if it's your kind of show for sure by the second or third episode.