The Times, They Are A Changin’

 This is the kind of arrant pedantry up with which I will not put.
— Winston Churchill after being told not to end his sentences with prepositions.

Bob Dylan is pretty good.

So I’m changing up some things in my life. Namely, basically everything I do and how I do it. Nothing drastic or anything, I’m basically just completely overhauling my entire existence. I’ve decided that for the past half-decade (which just sounds so much longer than “5 years”) I’ve been doing, well, everything wrong to put it bluntly. I feel like I’ve been actively working against my best interests in favour of doing things the easy way. Really, when I get down to it, I did whatever I wanted within my means and to hell with anyone who might get hurt by that, including myself.

If you read that last paragraph and thought to yourself “My, this is an awfully shitty person”, I wholeheartedly agree with you. So that’s where the changes come in. I’m not going to list everything I’m doing differently here (although I’ve learned that list articles do pretty well on the internet (lookin’ at you, Buzzfeed)), because that would be long and boring, and frankly showing my hand far too early in the round. I’m going to keep all these amazing life pro tips I’m sitting on over here in my back pocket for a rainy day. To sum up the idea behind the changes though, I’m working towards becoming more efficient and less selfish.

Ok, so this post got a long, long way off the rails from my initial plan going in. I started out wanting to just outline some of the changes that would be coming to the blog, and instead went on a miniature rant. My bad.

I want to post more. I know, I’ve made this promise before. Well, I think it will stick this time. And if it doesn’t, it will stick the next time. That’s my new attitude going forward. I may fall off the wagon at some point, but rather than wallow in the dirt I’m god damned well going to stand up, chase it down, and hop back on.

There will ideally be more frequent but slightly shorter posts, going over a musing or a thought that I couldn’t get out of my head. I’m planning some template type posts that I can have at the ready to bust out if I haven’t written in awhile.

Then comes my passion projects for the blog: the in depth post. I want to do more analysis, review, opinion, etc. Long form, researched posts. This is part of the reason I’ve barely been posting at all over the last 18 months, because all of the ideas I come up with for the blog require some decent amount of effort to be put in, and I keep making excuses to procrastinate from doing them. Hell, I sat down at the keyboard just before 7 to write this word vomit, and it’s past 8 now. I am a master of procrastination. I am a pro-master-nator. No? Master-tinator? Procrasti-master!... I’ll work on that one.

So that’s the quick little update I wanted to do. My goal for going forward from 2018 onward (well, most of it (more details on that coming soon (I fucking love nested parentheses))) is to do 2-3 posts a week, so ~120-150 total. It will be less in 2018 for reasons that will become apparent in a future post. Unless you’re a family member, you already know. Or if I’ve posted about it on the blog before. I have a terrible memory for that kind of thing. Seriously, I have to write everything down now otherwise it falls out of my head in like 3 seconds. I literally forgot something I wanted to do while I was in the process of picking up my phone and opening the notes app to jot it down. I feel like I have the memory of a centenarian. Anyway, I digress...

Thanks for reading. Oh, and another teaser, I have something special coming up, starting on the 16th. There will be a post a day about something I really enjoy, and it’s leading up to something. I’ll leave it at that ;D