Remember when I used to blog?

I sometimes wonder if I hold the record for the MOST inconsistent person in the world...

But hey, at least I'm still here. At intervals. Widely, WIDELY spaced intervals. Although apparently my writing is getting worse because I just used two caps locked words within one line of each other.

I don't really have an excuse. I've always been a bit unreliable in this regard. I want to do better though. I want to write books and stories and reviews and blog posts. I want to have a schedule, to have certain types of posts that go up on certain days. I want to review a podcast every Sunday (or maybe every other). I want to take more pictures and post them to interesting write ups about something cool I did.

The issue is that I want these things, but I have a really hard time making myself want to do the work that goes into them. I spent the last 1.5 hours doing essentially nothing, when I wanted to be writing. And you may think that's an exaggeration, but I really did do almost nothing for an hour and a half. I laid on the couch for a bit thinking about how I should be getting up, then when I sat down to write I realized my wrist rest was annoying me, so I put it on the side of the desk. That clearly wasn't good enough though, as I chose that exact moment to decide that I always put it on the side of the desk, and it never got used. So I proceeded to walk aimlessly around the house for 5 minutes looking for somewhere to store my wrist rest before I ultimately threw it in the garbage. Then I had to use the washroom, then I had to clean up something I saw on the floor that wasn't really a big issue. Seriously, if procrastination was a marketable skill I would be a multi billionaire.

It's not though, so if I want to achieve all the things I listed above as wanting, I need to do something about it. First thing I need to do is get a new god damned chair, as I've been fiddling with this one every other line. It's cracked in the frame, I'm pretty sure it came that way when I bought it, and I've just dealt with it but it's getting worse. I'm on like a 12% lean to the left right now...

Anyway, there's going to be some restructuring coming. To my life, to my work, and most importantly to anyone reading this, to my blog. I'm not sure exactly how it's going to happen yet, just that there are going to be more frequent posts, possibly shorter posts for the most part with super long ones sprinkled in, more structure, and (I assume to everyone's delight) less whinging from me about my horribly depressing "problems".