Checking In

So immediately after writing "I need to blog every day", I don't blog for like 6 days! Oops...

I really wanted too, but travelling is not forgiving. Any time I had that I might have been able to write a fleshed out post was just in the most inopportune places, and when I was somewhere I could write I didn't have time. So now I'm balancing my laptop on my knees at the airport (only because I was lucky enough to score an empty power socket) to push this teeny tiny post giving anyone out there who is reading an update. I did see a couple comments, so thank you for the feedback! 

So we landed Wednesday afternoon and went to the baseball game. The Jays handily defeated the Yanks Seven-Nil, which was fantastic. By the way, I'll be doing a full gallery of pictures once I'm settled in Germany, so you guys have that to look forward too. I took a few everywhere we went (I think). 

After the game we basically just went home and went to bed. The next morning we woke up at the crack of eleven and went for brunch. Our plan was to get up much earlier, maybe go for a run (which I sorely need) and have a nice long day in Toronto. The day was still long, and packed with great times, but we didn't wake up as early as we could have. Thursday we did the CN Tower, the Steamwhistle Brewery tour, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and a night of binge drinking. Oh yeah, I got completely and utterly wasted Thursday night. 

It's my sister's fault really. She fed me tequila. She will deny it was her fault until her dying day I imagine, but to set the record straight here, all I said was "I've never had tequila before", then the next thing I know a shot is getting placed in front of me. This was already after a couple hours of drinking at the brewery, wine with our seafood dinner, and a pitcher of beer at the first pub of the night. Unfortunately I'm not a forgetful, so I remember everything that happened, including the first hand view of our plumbing system through the toilet! 

Anyway, the next morning I felt like I was dragging around a sack full of rotten onions in a bag attached to my small intestine. I had a few sips of coffee and some eggs benny for breakfast, then we used the bike share to ride around and get some fresh air. All in all, I was able to stop myself from hurling again, but it wasn't a fun day. 

In the afternoon we went to my Dad's family who live outside of Toronto. We stopped in a little town called Orangeville along the way, which was absolutely delightful. Then after lunch we were at the farm. It was nice to see the family I hadn't seen in 10 years again, and we got about 2 days total to spend time with them. It was bittersweet, as everyone was gathered for my Great Uncle's celebration of life (he passed the previous year), but it was still nice to get together with other people who shared my last name. 

Sunday morning we left the farm and headed back to Toronto. That was a bit of a sleepy evening that we spent at the mall. We went to see Me Before You which turned out to be quite enjoyable. My sister was raving about the book so I suppose I'll have to read it now. Then we popped back to the hotel and watched Game of Thrones. The next morning (this morning) I got up with the family to see them off at the airport then wandered Toronto for 10ish hours. I had lunch, bought a camera (Nikon D3300, I'll be doing a review in the future), road the bike share a bit, and headed over to Toronto Island. I can see why it's rated number one on Trip Advisor for things to do in Toronto! There's boat rentals and bike rentals and boat tours and beaches and restaurants... it was really lovely. I wish I could have spent more than 2 hours there. I got a lot of practice shots in on my new camera though, but then it was time to head to the airport. 

And now here I am. This turned out to be a bit longer than I thought it would, so hopefully it will tide everyone over for a few days until I get a chance to post again. I'll link to the gallery I put up here when I get around to it. I have tons of pictures. Until then though, I should probably stop hogging the power outlet.