Bad Mood

I have to drive back in to town today because I forgot to get some things the last two days I was in town. This is especially frustrating since I spent TWO WHOLE DAYS IN TOWN! I have a tendency to let my mood dictate my actions, which is horrible. I was feeling annoyed and overwhelmed when I was doing the grocery shopping yesterday, so I ended up not getting some of the stuff I needed. It didn't help that I didn't have a list either. I want to start doing meal prep before my shift so that I can just grab a meal out of the freezer before I head to work and I don't have to worry about making a lunch in the morning. I can focus my time on getting up, waking up, and getting out the door without putting over half my time into making something for lunch. Meal prep will also let me measure out all of my meals for the week down to the gram so I will know exactly how many calories I'm consuming. This is key to losing weight. 

But I've run into two major problems with this plan. The first is that, while I have a microwave in the truck, using it involves pulling over, starting the power inverter (which isn't hooked up properly and gets super hot while it's in use), microwaving the food, then eating it, all while sitting on the side of the road wasting time. My favourite thing about just making sandwiches is that I could put them in a cooler beside my seat, grab one, and eat it all without stopping. I know it doesn't seem like much time to waste to pull over and eat quickly, but we're talking about a really big, really heavy (if I'm loaded) vehicle here, and it takes time to slow down and stop, and time to get going again. Plus there's the mental aspect of it. If I pull over to stop I start wanting to look at things on my phone while I eat, then I might get into something and sit there for 20 minutes after I'm finished eating. Also, using the data on my phone is costly! 

I know these are all things that I don't need to do, and it's just my weak discipline that puts me in these situations, but since I don't have a plan to avoid doing these things, I think the best way to overcome them is to just not get in that situation in the first place. This greatly reduces what I can make for meal prep. Salad is pretty much out, since I can't even make a salad that doesn't get soggy and stale an hour after making it. Stir fries and casseroles are far better heated up, to the point of being almost gross cold. My idea right now is just some chicken and.... that's the problem, I have no and. Cold veggies maybe? I don't know. All of the delicious ideas I have for meal prep revolve around a microwave. 

So now it's nearly noon and I have to drive back to town today, on the horrible roads, to get the things I didn't get when I was in town yesterday and the day before. I don't exactly know what else I need for groceries, I'll have to go make a list, and making a list will be hard since I also don't know what I want to make for meals. It's hard not to get depressed about this sort of thing when it feels like you've been beaten before you've even started.